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The way people work has fundamentally shifted over the past several years -- but the established banking services in our country have not.  We designed Level from the ground-up based on how hard-working individuals earn and spend. Our team is passionate about putting goals within your reach by providing customized and affordable financial services based on how you live and work.  

Our Team

We collectively have decades of experience designing and delivering innovative financial services designed around specific needs.  With complementary skills and knowledge, we have built Level technology to support an outstanding customer experience and provide the banking services you deserve.  

David Edelstein, CEO

Our CEO, David, has a proven track record building technology-powered businesses -- typically relying on creative and non-traditional economic models.  With the rise of the independent workforce, he identified a clear need and gap in existing financial services. Drawing on his experience, he began to think about how he could offer services that were fair, transparent and flexible for the changing workforce - and Level was born.

Sen Wen, Advisor

Sen is a technology leader with over 20 years experience building large scale financial and payment services and products. He's led teams that have built two of the largest mobile payment products to date. Sen is passionate about technology and the digital intersection of social, mobile, and commerce.

Dianna Winegarden, Advisor

Dianna is passionate about building companies that help customers reach their goals.  Our commitment to redesign financial services around the unique needs of the independent worker was a great match — and her background building customer focused services and experiences ensures that customer needs are at the heart of everything we do at Level.

Connor Adams,


Connor has a track record of executing partnerships that enable underserved customers to access fair and transparent financial services. He’s helped build technology businesses with insurance, retail banking, credit, and wealth management products alongside a number of partner organizations in the developing world and is highly motivated by the impact of continuing this work at home.

Dylan Higgins, Advisor

Dylan has built a career around making financial services available to anyone. He's built and launched first-of-its-kind financial products in the US and in East Africa. Level presents a unique opportunity to build upon these experiences and help give individuals the power they need to manage their financial well being.

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