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Level is a financing tool for independent contractors and other on-demand small businesses.
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Your success on Block Renovation qualifies you

If you're already making good money with Block Renovation, then you'll be able to access Level. We look at your ability to earn, not a credit score, when making funding decisions.

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It's a simple, automatic process

Receive a quick funding decision. We'll confirm your eligibility with Block Renovation and, once we've agreed on terms, get the funds to you immediately. The whole process usually takes less than 24 hours.

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"There aren't that many good sources of working capital if you're a contractor. Level could help some of our contractors get paid earlier and relieve some of the cash crunch."

Koda Wang

Co-Founder, Block Renovation

How it works


It only takes a few minutes! No Social Security numbers or credit checks — Level Advances are based on your work history.


Receive funds

Once approved, customize the terms of your Advance to suit your needs. When you're done, we deposit the funds into your designated account.

Automatic repayment

As you earn, we'll deduct the percentage that we've agreed upon. You keep the rest! Once your Advance amount and fee are repaid, we stop deducting.


Our Features

Get It. Set It. Forget It.

The application, funding, and repayment are all automatic so you can focus on running your business.

Fixed Fee and No Interest

Level charges a single fee so you’ll know upfront how much to repay, without any surprises.

Repayments based on your earnings

Never pay out of pocket. A portion of your earnings go to Level so you're always making money.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Level Advance?

When you take a Level Advance, we’re providing you with cash upfront in exchange for a fixed percentage (“revenue percentage”) of your future Block Renovation earnings until the advance is paid off. Since your payback is a percent of your earnings, that obligation goes up and down with your earnings. This guarantees you'll keep the same portion of your earnings even in your low months, and there’s no risk of paying out of pocket. Choose a revenue percentage that fits your business and don’t worry about paying back more than you can afford.

Why should I get a Level Advance?

Level is designed for micro-businesses that want to grow. A Level Advance makes sense if you're investing in growing your Block Renovation business in a meaningful way or need access to working capital. Level charges a single fixed fee (less than 10%) on the advance amount so you'll only make money on the advance if you're able to increase your future earnings by a greater amount than the advance fee.

Is this a loan?

No, this is not a loan. Payback is the main difference between a standard loan and a Level Advance. With a loan, payments typically have monthly minimums and interest, where the amount you repay increases with the time it takes to repay. With a Level Advance, the total amount you'll repay is fixed upfront and you'll contribute a percentage of your earnings towards repayment every time you earn. This guarantees you'll have income even in your low months, and there’s no risk of paying out of pocket.

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