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Level and Dolly Double-Down on Expanding a Successful Partnership

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Level and Dolly Double-Down on Expanding a Successful Partnership

Dolly, a leading on-demand delivery and moving platform, today announced further integration of Level’s flexible credit services into the Helper experience.

Dolly is deepening its utilization of Level to make it easier for drivers to access the capital they need to invest in their businesses and grow. With Level, Dolly drivers are able to access future earnings, make critical business investments, then repay with complete flexibility as they earn.

With Level, drivers are able to make the investments they need and continue to be successful with Dolly

Dolly offers Level to help businesses adapt and grow.

“Delivery driving and moving are capital intensive businesses,” says Milo Dowling, Helper Program Manager at Dolly. “In the past, our drivers lacked affordable options if their truck broke down or they were ready to purchase a larger vehicle. With Level, instead of leaving Dolly, they’re able to make the investments they need and continue to be successful with us. It’s been a very popular program and we’re seeing the positive effects on our bottom line.”

With the delivery and logistics category providing essential services, Dolly is investing in making it easier for driver businesses to grow through access to flexible credit. This gives Dolly’s drivers the competitive edge to invest in the assets they need to meet demand. There’s no lengthy application process - eligible drivers can easily access Level’s funding through their existing relationship with Dolly.

Eligible drivers can easily access Level's funding through their existing relationship with Dolly

Dolly drivers access the funding they need to be successful through Level

“Level is the missing link I’ve needed to achieve my potential on Dolly,” says Edgar Guzman, a long-time Dolly Helper in Chicago. “Level helped me purchase two box trucks that I’ve since put to work on Dolly. None of this or simply any of this would have been possible without Level. I know that Level will be there when I need support for my Dolly business.” 

“I’m growing my business!” says Oscar Gomez, a Dolly Helper in Phoenix who used Level to purchase a trailer and repair his truck. “I’m excited to see where the work that Dolly gives me combined with the funding from Level will take me.”

Dolly Helpers have used Level to invest in productive assets: new trucks, trailers, and other hardware to assist them in earning more on Dolly; repairs, both catastrophic and preventative maintenance in order to maintain consistent income; as well as working capital: moving straps, dollies, blankets, and other supplies.

Edgar Guzman and one of his box trucks

Level is committed to growing the Dolly partnership and supporting Dolly’s growth

“We’re very excited by the positive outcomes we’ve enabled for Dolly and our Dolly Helpers. We’re looking forward to continuing to partner in supporting growth across the board,” says Connor Adams, Head of Revenue at Level. “We see immense potential in the emerging segment of entrepreneurs building micro-businesses as independent contractors, and are looking forward to further exploring how else we can underwrite growth in this new economy.”

“Dolly and Level share a commitment to providing the tools that drivers need, so we’re excited to build solutions together that will help them overcome the cash flow challenges inherent to small business,” David Edelstein, CEO at Level, commented. “Dolly is leading the next generation of platforms that will produce truly successful small businesses on its rails. It has been fantastic to partner with them as they enable their drivers to be successful.”