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October Business Update

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October Business Update

Block Renovation Launches!

Block Renovation facilitates exceptional home remodel projects that are fulfilled by an on-demand workforce. Block has partnered with Level to ensure contractors can access the necessary funds to deliver their best work to homeowners.

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Contours of the On-Demand Economy

Level serves small businesses wherever they earn on-demand. Here’s what we’re reading to better understand this opportunity.

50+ Million On-Demand Earners Today

There are millions of US freelancers, gig workers, and independent contractors. McKinsey estimates that there are more than 54 million independent workers, Upwork projects that more than 57 million Americans freelance, and MBO Partners concludes that 41 million people engage in independent work. Though each of these bodies uses a slightly different definition, it's clear that on-demand small business creation is a massive and growing trend.

Online Platform Economy Growth Accelerated by COVID-19

The online platform economy continues to expand rapidly (35% annually), bringing the on-demand model to new industries and geographies with its growth. We're also seeing that COVID-19 is accelerating adoption and job creation with on-demand platforms, with platforms reducing unemployment and debt creation through this period.

Traditional Employers Turn Towards On-Demand Employment

Traditional employers are moving employment to on-demand models. Almost all new jobs created between 2005 and 2015 were alternative work arrangements (ex/Amazon Flex). Traditional employers are creating millions of small business opportunities by fulfilling business functions through on-demand models.

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