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How it works

Taking a Level Advance means you’ll receive funding from Level upfront - then repay through a share of your business income as you earn. The total amount you’ll repay is fixed: the value of the cash payment you receive plus a single fixed fee. 

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These are the terms you’ll see for your Level Advance:

Advance. The payment you receive upfront from Level.

Service Fee.
The single fixed fee that’s included in your repayment.

Total Repayment. The total amount that you’ll repay (purchase price + fixed fee).

Revenue Share. The share of your business income billed to you for repayment.

How you can apply

Click “Apply Now”. You’ll share information that will allow us to verify the details provided in your application, link your business earnings and how you will use the funding.

Linking business earnings is how Level determines your creditworthiness - and how you qualify for greater funding amounts and better terms. The more earnings you link, the better chance Level had of understanding your business holistically.

Level will provide you with a funding decision within 2 business days of submitting a completed application.

Here's what you need to know if you live and work in Canada.

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Good to know

Applying to Level takes most users less than 3 minutes.

To make a decision, we will do a soft pull which does not affect your credit score.

There’s no obligation to work with Level if you are approved.

You must apply with your own business earnings.

Applying to Level with business earnings that are not your own will be flagged as fraud and will prevent you from accessing Level’s services in the future.

How you'll repay

You’ll contribute the same share of your linked business earnings to Level until you’re fully repaid. You'll either pay Level directly or, in some cases, that share will be deducted from your earnings and passed to Level on your behalf.

For example, if your repayment percentage to Level is 10% and you earn $1,000, then $100 will be billed by Level for repayment ($100 = 10% of $1,000). When the sum of your payments to Level equals your total repayment, you're fully repaid and will return to keeping the entirety of your income.

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Good to know

You are required to inform Level if you take on additional business earnings sources so that your repayment accurately reflects your overall business earnings.

Level may inform you when new business earnings are detected and will be linked to your account to be included in repayment.

You are required to repay Level in full if you close down your business. 

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