How will I pay Level?

Your repayment method depends on which apps your earn on. Details can be found in your Level Account.

Level will bill you regularly for the repayment share of your linked business earnings. The timing and method of payment is determined in your agreement. You may also reference your Level Account to understand repayment for each of your business earnings sources.

Effective November 1, 2021, ACH Auto-Pay is the default payment method for all Level Advance customers who are earning on apps that do not automatically withhold repayment.

Please reach out to our Payments team by emailing or by calling/texting +1 877-414-2955 (Dial option 2) if you have any questions on payments. Have questions about Level? Have an existing advance? You can call us at +1-877-414-2955. We’re open Monday to Friday 6 AM - 5 PM PT --except on holidays.