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Level is a flexible way to invest in your business

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Keepers are using Level Advances to grow their businesses

Making down payments on new vehicles or taking care of major repairs to get vehicles back on the road 

Replacing old tools or paying for repairs to get them functioning

Purchasing new tools to take care of larger or different types of jobs

Purchasing materials to cover upfront job costs

Level works across platforms to help businesses grow

"Here's a view for you of the tremendous opportunity Level has provided!"

Edgar G. purchasing a box truck

Dolly Helper since 2016

Greater Chicago Area

Level Advances are defined in 3 components:

Advance Amount:

The amount you receive upfront

Repayment Amount: 

The amount you repay overtime

(advance amount + flat fee)

Repayment Percentage: 

The percentage of your future Lawn Love earnings that contribute to repayment

You could qualify for a Level Advance to help buy a new workbench and saw:

For example:

You and Level agree on a $1,000 advance, $1,100 repayment via a 20% repayment percentage. Level deposits $1,000 into your account immediately. 

You make $800 with Keepe. Of that income, 20% ($160) goes towards repayment leaving $940 remaining to repay.

You make $2,000 with Keepe. Of that, 20% ($400) goes towards repayment leaving $540 remaining to repay.

Month 2

Month 1


Upfront & dollar-denominated. 

No interest. Level charges a flat fee so how much you repay is defined upfront and doesn't change.

Flexibility first.

No monthly minimums. Repay faster if you make more money, or slower if you don't.

How to take an advance:

1. Get in touch

2. Access funds

3. Grow!

We'll answer your questions and, if you're interested in taking an advance, learn more your business with Keepe, and how you're interested in using an advance.

Funds arrive the same day. We'll send you an agreement then transfer the advance amount to your Paypal or Venmo. 

Invest in your business and repay with flexibility.

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