Let's grow home services businesses together

Get it, set it, forget it. Level funds your customers and grows your platform through reduced churn and higher revenues

Connect your customers with better funding - adding yet another benefit to working on your platform

Benefit from greater loyalty and higher earnings as customers are more successful on your platform

Improve platform unit economics with new, passive revenue streams

Provide an integrated & intuitive funding experience to help your customers meet their potential

"Level has given our Dolly Helpers and Hands the opportunity to grow their businesses and complete jobs more efficiently. It has also helped our bottom line, providing greater consistency of supply and boosting our revenue."

Kevin Shawver

VP Marketing & Operations

Why us

We fund America's smallest businesses

With the lowest qualifying thresholds in the industry, we're able to fund more of your customers than any other lender, helping them become successful with you more rapidly as a result

We overemphasize  customer service

86 Customer NPS

We provide a high-touch experience to ensure that all customers, regardless of their experience with financial services, fully understand and are comfortable with the funding that they're receiving

Our products are flexible and transparent

We understand that your customers' incomes are uneven and inconsistent - so we don't use products with minimum payments, fixed terms, or compounding APR. Instead, we fix the total amount that the customer repays upfront and base repayment off of their earnings

We focus on your industry

Lawn care & snow removal


Handyman & general contracting

Moving, logistics, and junk removal

Home & office cleaning

Food delivery


Animal care

IT services & appliance repair

And many others!

Trusted by the best

Level graduated and received investment from Seattle Techstars 2019

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