Welcome Pro.com Contractors!

Level is a flexible way for Pro.com contractors to invest in growing their businesses

Take a Level Advance to buy tools, a new vehicle, or other assets to grow your business

Cover a job's upfront costs with a Level Advance to purchase materials and other working capital needs

Use your work history on Pro.com to manage cashflow gaps with a Level Advance

Level Advances are defined in 3 components:

Advance Amount:

The amount you receive upfront

Repayment Amount: 

The amount you repay overtime

Repayment Percentage: 

The percentage of your future Pro.com earnings that contribute to repayment

Jeff qualifies for a Level Advance to make a downpayment on a truck:

For example:

Level and Jeff agree on a $1,000 advance, $1,100 repayment via a 20% repayment percentage. Level deposits $1,000 into Jeff's account immediately. 

Jeff makes $800 with Pro.com. Of that income, 20% ($160) goes towards repayment leaving $940 remaining to repay.

Jeff makes $2,000 with Pro.com. Of that, 20% ($400) goes towards repayment leaving $540 remaining to repay.

Month 2

Month 1


Upfront & dollar-denominated. 

No interest. How much you repay doesn't change, no matter how long it takes.

Flexibility first.

No monthly minimums. Repay faster if you make more money, or slower if you don't.

How to take an advance:

1. Get in touch

Schedule a call with Level to learn if you qualify. Agree on an advance amount, repayment amount, and repayment percentage.

3. Access funds

Level transfers the advance amount to your bank account and deducts the agreed repayment percentage from your Pro.com income until deductions equal the repayment amount.

2. Sign up

Download the Level App, create an account, and sign an advance agreement.


4. Grow!

Invest in your business and repay with flexibility.

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