Flexible credit for contractors and small businesses.

Level supercharges micro businesses with flexible funding that is only paid back when they earn.

We make it easier to grow your income on marketplaces and platforms

Access your future income up-front through Level, invest in growing however you see fit, then repay a fixed amount with flexibility. Level is the top choice financier for independent contractor small businesses.

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Only repay when you earn

Because payback is a percent of your earnings, that obligation goes up and down with your earnings. This guarantees you'll still make money even in your low months and there's no risk of paying out of pocket.

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Fixed fee & no interest

Integrated with your marketplace

Automatic and easy processes

Only repay when you're earning

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The only credit product designed with independent contractors and micro-businesses in mind, Level is designed to make credit easier for you.

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Edgar Guzman

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