The Financial Toolbox for Your Platform’s Independent Workforce.

Achieve your targets by empowering the independent workers and small businesses that support you. Let’s build a world where self-employed people have the biggest opportunities.

The suite of tools that self-employed workers need to thrive:


Fast, flexible funding designed for self-employed workers, small businesses, and the gig economy.

Get Paid Early

Faster access to the money that the indpendent workers on your platform have already earned.

Level Visa® Debit Card

No-cost, centralized spending and expense tracking through both physical and virtual cards.


Protection and support designed for independent contractors and small businesses.


Visibility across earnings and expenses, combined with tips on planning for the future.

Tax Support

Annual estimated tax calculations, automatic tax savings, and write-off tracking.


Automated savings and budgeting for taxes, retirement, a big business investment, or just a rainy day.

Coming soon


Exclusive discounts and cashback on purchases that help self-employed workers and businesses succeed.

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Your biggest challenges, solved.

Level delivers business impact through financial wellbeing for your workforce

Reduce churn.


Level customers are 42% less likely to churn from Dolly

“Level ensures that Helpers are more successful with Dolly. This greater consistency of supply is boosting our revenue.”

Kevin Shawver

VP, Marketing

Increase earnings.


Level customers increase their earnings by 16% on average with Taskrabbit

“We’re seeing more Taskers make business investments and accessing the opportunities that TaskRabbit enables as a result. This is only possible because of Level.”

Jenna Costa,

Senior Director, North American Operations

Free worker payouts.

Level customers can get paid for free, eliminating ACH costs and other payment fees for you

Integration Required

Level solves independent workers’ biggest challenges for you:


Need capital to grow their business.1


Lack access to basic benefits, including health insurance and retirement planning.2


Struggle to cover an unexpected $1,000 expense3


Prioritize working for companies that pay faster3


Don’t understand their tax obligations4


Report receiving large, unexpected tax bills4

1. SBA, 2020 2. Broadmin, 2022 3. Visa, 2019  4. Level Research, 2022

See how Level supports your industry.

Level helps retain and grow independent workforces across industries. All US-based self-employed workers and small businesses can use Level.

Rideshare & Grocery Delivery

Moving & Last-Mile Delivery

Trucking & Freight

Home Services & Construction

The Sharing Economy

Professional Services & Hospitality

Level takes care of the heavy lifting while you grow your business.

Risk and Capital

All credit, non-payments risk, and scalable facilities are owned and managed by Level. Connect your workforce with Level at no-cost and with no-risk for your business.

Customer Support

All customer support is handled by Level’s full-time customer success team. We’ll work with you to manage escalations and provide education and materials where you’d like.


All of Level’s products remain compliant. We provide the tools that an independent workforce needs to thrive, without involving you in administration.


Level’s product experience supports co-branding to ensure that workers associate Level’s tools with your platform. Benefits can be tailored to match your existing rewards or loyalty tiers.

Performance Tracking

We keep your team up to date on performance and learnings, and work with you to ensure our product offering is supporting your strategic goals.

Launch no-code.

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