Introducing Level Pro: Your Financial Toolbox

Published on
June 28, 2023
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We are excited to announce the launch of Level Pro, a game-changing subscription that provides you with a comprehensive set of financial tools, all in one place. We understand the unique challenges you face in managing your finances, and our goal is to make your life easier, help you stay organized, and empower your growth.

The Challenge

Being a gig worker or running a microbusiness can be challenging and fragmented. The varying income sources and expenses from different jobs can quickly become overwhelming, leaving anyone stressed and struggling to stay organized. Moreover, traditional capital providers often turn their backs on trustworthy people due to the inconsistency of income. We also understand that unexpected emergencies, such as vehicle breakdowns or equipment failures, can throw a wrench in work plans and disrupt income for days or even weeks. And let's not forget the challenge of tax season, where organizing piles of 1099 forms and receipts can feel like a never ending task. While solutions exist, they often require juggling multiple apps and services to address each issue separately.

The Solution

With the launch of Level Pro, we are proud to offer a complete suite of financial tools designed specifically for gig workers, self-employed individuals, independent contractors, and small businesses, all within one platform. No more switching between multiple apps or services—Level Pro brings everything together, giving you the peace of mind and efficiency you deserve.

What can you expect with Level Pro?

Automated Financial Tracking

You start by connecting all of your financial accounts such as credit cards and bank accounts to get a full picture and track all your work-related income and expenses in one place. Our system will save you the headache of manually entering transactions and helps you review transactions and recommend categories, so you can spend your valuable time on more important things. Once you’re set up, you can easily stay organized and gain a clear view of your financial health.

Business Reporting

After your data is hooked up, you can automatically generate essential reports, such as Profit & Loss statements, expense and income reports, and more, providing valuable insights into your business's performance. These reports can help you understand your business better, make informed decisions, and plan your path to success.

Automatic Savings

You’ll also have the ability to connect your work apps so you can set aside a percentage of your earnings to automatically save specifically for taxes or other business expenses. You’ll always have access to this account for anything else that may come up and over time it will help you be prepared forunexpected financial hurdles.

Tax Support

Tax season can be a daunting time, especially when you have piles of 1099 forms and receipts to sort through. Once you link your financial accounts, Level Pro will automatically review all your expenses for eligible write-offs, generate a comprehensive Schedule C report, and estimate your quarterly taxes so you always know where you stand. The average customer saves thousands of dollars by finding additional expenses to write off, and spends less time worrying about taxes.

Flex Funds (coming soon)

In the future, we’ll also offer the ability to get instant access to funds for emergencies or unexpected expenses. We've got your back when life throws you a curveball. Keep an eye out for this new feature soon!

Benefits to You

More simple business management, comprehensive reporting, fully automated tax support, and automatic savings are just a few of the perks that await you on your journey toward success. Our goal is to help Level Pro subscribers:

  • Save time and reduce the stress of managing a business
  • Earn more money and be more profitable 
  • Be prepared for unexpected expenses or changes in work 
  • Get organized and stay on top of the details 
  • Take work off your plate, let us handle it instead!

At Level, our mission is to create a world where the smallest businesses have the biggest opportunities. With Level Pro, we're taking a big step forward in making that vision a reality. 

While a combination of other apps and services would cost over $35 per month for similar functionality, Level Pro is available to you at just $12 per month. We believe in affordable access to premium tools because we genuinely want to see you thrive. Give Level Pro a try for 30 days for free by logging into your Level account today.

We can't wait to be part of your success story and provide you with the financial tools you need to grow something amazing. At Level, we're here to support you every step of the way.

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